Hello Lovely, Thank you so much for your interest in the Barcelona 2018 Abundance Accelerator Retreat. This retreat is for people who are ready to do the deep personal work that will allow you to accelerate the speed at which you step up to your next level of impact and abundance in your life both personally and professionally. If this sounds like you press the start button, to continue your application. The process for applying for Barcelona includes a 60 minute coaching call if you have gained insight and value from the call and I feel you will be a good fit for this life changing event, I will explain what the next steps are. If this feels exciting please click the start button to begin your application.
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Why do you want to attend the Accelerate Abundance Retreat?

Are you avaiable from the 4th - 8th May?

On a scale of 1 - 10 how committed are you to make a serious investment in your personal and professional development right now?

Have you looked at the Abundance Accelerator Retreat information page on www.suzyashworth.com/barcelona?

Please click here to book your coaching http://bit.ly/barcaappointmentcall

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